Hunter Paulson

Creative Developer

A portrait of myself, Hunter Paulson.

Why did I choose to become a developer?

The biggest reason that I love web development is that I get to create a design and bring it to life through code and problem-solving. I also appreciate that this is an ever-evolving industry and there will always be something new to learn! Working in a team is a strong suit of mine. I enjoy collaborating and learning from one another.

My favourite technical skill?

If I really had to choose… My favourite thing to do is CSS. It can be a very basic skill to have in this field, but it also can be a very interesting thing to specialize in.Your skills evolve as you learn, and there are always creative solutions and ways to do things. Improving user experience and overall design quality. I also really love JavaScript and the dynamic functionality it can add to the webpage. I appreciate the innovation and evolution of the language, I still have a lot to learn and always will!

Outside of code?

I’ve always been drawn to the creative aspects of life. I enjoy painting, videography, and sketching in Procreate. Self-portraits are my new favourite as I’m always looking for a new one that I can create to display on the landing page of this portfolio. I also enjoy filming and editing wedding videos, or just going to see a movie myself in the theatre!


I’m looking for a fun team to join and would love to chat with you about how I will be an asset to your team!