Positively Fit

A responsive mockup of Positively Fit on a desktop screen size.


Positively Fit is a welcoming personal training gym that is inclusive of everyone, no matter where they are at in their health journey. This is a small gym made up of 3 personal trainers. They offer 1-1 personal training, nutrition, prenatal, post-natal, and rehabilitation sessions.


Front-End Web Developer, WordPress Developer



  • Create a custom WordPress theme for a small personal training gym.
  • Motivate website users to attend the gym.
  • Create a blog page, testimonial slider, detailed information on services offered.
  • Incorporate e-commerce allowing users to book sessions online.


We first established the target audience and the overarching goal of the webpage. This gym was an inclusive space, welcoming all people no matter where they are in their health journey. The goal of the site was to encourage anyone to be motivated to book sessions with the personal trainers at the gym.

The creation of a content plan was next. We determined each piece of information that would be required on the site, which led into more detailed decisions as to where it would appear on the site. Leading to mapping out the layout of the page using wireframes. Since this webpage was created in WordPress we created custom post types, and taxonomies for the staff, services, and testimonials.


Our team worked with Trello to keep everyone organized and on the same page. The first thing we accomplished was the functional webpage, we broke the site up into sections that each person could look at our content plan and ensure all of the information was included on their pages.

My work included the staff page, home page, and header navigation menu for both mobile and desktop screen sizes. On the staff page, I included a photo, name, title, class list, and description of each staff member. It was also important to ensure the classes would link to that specific service page to allow the user to easily navigate the site.

Home page styling was based on our wireframes. Implementing a blog slider of recent blog posts using the plugin Smart Slider 3. As well as a testimonial slider using JavaScript.

The navigation was modified from Underscores’ theme. I decided to use a hamburger menu in combination with a thumb-driven navigation style. This allowed the site to stay clean and uncluttered while also aiding in ease of use for the end user.

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