A responsive mockup of this portfolio on a desktop screen size.


A personal portfolio created by myself in order to display all my projects that highlight my skills as a Front-End Web Developer, as well as showcase my personal brand. On the main page, you can find my primary work projects and an illustration of myself. Followed by an about page where you can learn a little more about me. Finally, there is a fun project page to display the most recent fun projects that I have completed in order to further advance my development and design skills.


Front-End Web Developer, Web Designer



  • Create a well styled, responsive personal portfolio.
  • Showcase my projects and skills as a Front-End Developer.
  • Display my personal brand.
  • Keep the design minimal, and very user friendly.


I began by researching other portfolios on the web, from former students as well as portfolios all over the world. I was able to get a feel for what I loved or didn’t like so much. Then I created a content plan for all of the information that I wanted to be displayed on the site and what my overarching goal for the user (you!) would be. From there I created wireframes, which led to mockups, and then I began coding.


For this project I decided to hard code using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Implementing PHP in order to create partials for content that would be called across multiple pages. I knew I wanted to implement a few JavaScript features that would improve User Experience on my site such as a scroll to the top button, a sorting feature for content about each project, and a photo slider to ensure pages didn’t become too long.

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I’m looking for a fun team to join and would love to chat with you about how I will be an asset to your team!